Monday, 17 March 2014

Mr Shagalicious,yellow fuzz and others

One of the new things I started making during my long blogging hiatus was these new little standing bears.

These guys are quite little and about as miniature as I get ( which isn't very miniature at all really) when it comes bears, measuring about 4.5" tall and 5.5" long.
They are inspired by the little steiff crib toys from the 1920s-30s.
I had wanting to be make them for quite sometime, but spent a lot of time studying pictures and thinking about them.
I liked the idea of having a little bear, but also something different to my other guys who are all jointed and more "teddies" rather than little bears if you know what I mean, but who were still keeping in the same sort of style.
And when I finally did the first little guy came together  easily on the first go.
first little guy
It was funny though I had to pinch myself, as they only take about a day to make, which was both exciting and felt slightly wrong at the same time, as nothing I make using is that quick.
One thing I love about them is they have found a perfect use to my scraps of mohair left over from my bigger bears, which aren't enough to make another bear, but feel like to much to throw away ( especially as mohair is about $200 a metre!)
And because I hand dye all my mohairs it makes each little one unique and one of a kind.
my favourie one so far
They are also the perfect thing to do while waiting for the said mohair to dry for my bigger guys.
Since then they've been quite a few including my two latest ones, nicknamed Mr Shagalicious

Mr Shagalicious
and Yellow Fuzz ( because the tan one is very rather shaggy and the other well is self explanatory)
Yellow Fuzz
Who I popped in the shop earlier today :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

long time no see

Yes I'm still here.
Just disappeared for a long while. But still the same me.
I'm sorry life just got very busy and then i left it too long to blog and then suddenly well it became harder because it's been so long, if that makes sense.
Anyway since the last I wrote there's been many new wonklings and such and many new things.
one of the most exciting things I'm not sharing a studio with the lovely and very talented Victoria Mason. It's really lovely and I'm loving, and have been there for over 6 months now and hope to continue to do so.
I still make a lot of stuff at home too, but I like having both to be honest, it's great to be able to get out of the house and my head, and have company as well as making at home.
Here's a sneak peak of what I've been up to lately.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Elsie and Stan

Generally speaking when a idea or inspiration for a bear comes to me, i can't get it out of mind, I become obsessed with it and won't let up until I've finished it. SOmetimes it's not something I can do straight away, due to orders and such and then it just nags and nags at me.
Such was the case with Elsie and Stan.
WHen I rediscovered a pic of an old pair of steiff bears from the 30's who had always been together,  in one of my bear scrapbooks,  I wanted to make my own version of them, of them right done to the their almost matching outfits. I loved the idea of a pair of bears, especially like an old married couple who would always and had always been together.

I also loved the fact that the bears themselves were very worn and fully of character, more wonky than cute, right up my alley, but at the same time wearing detailed hand knitted outfits.
For this I had to go against one of my own ultimate bear beliefs ( that all bears are boys ) and make a girl bear.
And eventually ( yes it did take forever) Elsie

and then Stan were born.

And never to be separated, made for each other, quite literally.
And now lucky them, they are off to be in their forever home is NY!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Goodbye to a new space

A couple of weeks ago, and an old friend a new space wound up and finished.

Yes I'm talking about My Creative Space. Run by the amazing Kirsty.
I can't remember when Kirst first started my creative space, but it was many years ago now, from her blog and them later moving it over to Kidspot.

I was a player from the beginning and also a big benefitter of it. To be until MCS, i had been a little lost in the big world of blog land, without many friends or followers. But through my creative space and the weekly posting what I was making, or what was in my space, and eagerly seeing what others were up to, and the comments and encouragement I got and gave, I began to make my own true blog friends and contacts. And Yes blogging has changed and my creative space changed as with new social media fads replaced blogging for a lot. But I always loved MCS, and remained ever grateful to it and Kirsty, for the friendships that came out of it, and putting me more on the map in the blogging world. And how when it was going I always tried to contribute to it. It got me to blog at least once a week.
Mr Frisbee with Mr Rusty an old steiff bear he is based off

I wanted to talk this time to thank Her and it and say see you MCS, I'll miss you and thank you.
It's been fun and great.
And this bear Mr Frisbee is one of the latest completed things to come out of my creative space.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Sometimes anothers person trash is another persons treasure.
and sometimes people are amazing generous in this wonderful blogging world.
A while the very lovely and generous Miss Muggins, sent me a huge bag of mohairs she had bought when she was interested in making bears.
Many years had passed according to her, and she had not made many bears, and didn't feel she would again. So bless her, she thought of me, and voila I got this amazing gift.
I can't tell you how blown away by her act I was, mohair is expensive , and yet she refused payment of any sorts.
Included in this treasure trove, was this orange mohair, a mohair that wasn't available anymore.
I instantly loved the fabric ( I did dye it a little to give it an older edge) , it was only enough for one small bear. What I loved about the fabric too, and i guess other people choices, I probably never would have bought this colour myself, yet I love it.And not wanting to waste it on the wrong one, it sat there waiting until I found the right bear for it.

That moment was until now, and Julius was born, a funny little bashful clown, with a hidden quirky sense of humour. His not everyone's cup of tea, like the colour of his fur. but hopefully he will find someone who can unlease that humorous side.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

thank you and update

Thanks guys for those who both understand what I was on about the Reader and for the very helpful alternatives now to reader.
It's what i love about blogging, the amount of times I had a questions, or a problem or something people always help out.
It just shows it's good to share stuff your feeling even if you feel a little sheepish about. I hope that doesn't sound namby pamby, but I can't think of another way of saying it.
A bit of update, i'm now on Bloglovin and would love you to
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Um the white elephant the room ( For me anyway)

OK I'm going to take the plunge here and say, Im feeling weird/sad/strange about Google Reader ending in 2 days. Are you?
I don't know to be honest, I think when i first found out about it months ago, it affected my motivation to blog ( which might explain my terrible lack of posts) like it was somehow the beginning of the end.
Now less so, but still the fact that google reader is ending feels sad to me, odd and i also wonder why.
Perhaps no one uses a reader anymore except me, but it was such a convienent way to keep all my blogs in place. I worry I lose touch, and without them all there together, time and work and life will get in the way, and they'll be lost.
I don't know and perhaps to me, I'm said, because it's somehow feels like the end of era for me. Yes Blogging isn't what it once was, it's been discussed alot,   so why am feeling so weird about the death of Reader?
I'm probably over thinking it all as usual.
Oh and I will keep blogging post Google Reader. despit my earlier feelings.
But how do you feel about it?